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Cycling in Sri Lanka

Cycling in Sri Lanka is a perfect way to enjoy your cycling Holiday in Sri Lanka and every paddle will be a different experience. Sri Lanka is exciting destination for adventures cycling and crossing rivers, cycling in off roads, cycling through forest gives unforgettable experience and adventures cycling in Sri Lanka would be epic tales of your amazing holiday.

Sri Lanka situated in amazing place in the Asian Region and naturally heritage scenic beautiful landscapes, mountains and valley, Sri Lanka ruled 185 kings over period of 2500 years! Holiday in Sri Lanka is the best destination in the Asia for memorable cycling Holiday. Cycling Holiday in Sri Lanka is not limited to cycling to Temples or Archaeological sites…. It is exciting holistic experience of Sri Lanka Holiday experiencing Culture, Wild Life, Adventures, truly Sri Lanka customs and many more things.

According to Sri Lanka Tourism sources, Sri Lanka cycling holiday’s history may lie around 50 years and there were couple cycled from Kalutara to Airport. That is the beginning of Cycling Holidays in Sri Lanka’s history. That day onward Sri Lanka handling over 200 Cycling Holiday Tours in Sri Lanka per Year and every Tourist left the Sri Lanka with thousands of beautiful memories. . Cycling in Sri Lanka offers you thrilling, adventures, enjoyable and colourful Cycling Holiday in Sri Lanka. These are no other destination in the World like Sri Lanka for Cycling Holidays!

“We welcome you to our beautiful island, Sri Lanka. The island’s proud history of over 2500 years and breathtaking diversity of scenery will capture your heart and soul like no other destination. May the time you spend in our island be filled with exciting experiences memories of which you will carry long after you leave our shores” wonder of asia